What Steps Should You Take to Invest in the UK Property?

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Property investment is hectic as well as overwhelming all together. Finding the right time to involve in the property hunt and to meet the demands, the schedule can lead to being taxing enough for you. But what is more satisfying than everything? The final sign on your contract after a relentless search and registering the same under your name. The entire process is equally hectic as it sounds out to be and hence we have tried to prepare a guide for your investment in UK property and help you ease the process and liberate yourself out of the inlying hassles. There are a few early steps you need to take before you dive into the investments and here are they:

investment in the uk property

Getting out of debt

You cannot normally opt for home loans if you are yourself in a debt. The first thing that is primarily checked is your credit score before the loan approval. If the debt amount is pretty high, it is less likely that your bond or loan will get any easy approval. Any loan currently under the stage of repayment must not proceed with any other loan application. It is always advised to pay off your previous debts and then jump on the next.

Knowing necessary differences

There are clear distinctions between buying the property for your personal use and buying it as an investment medium. Different usages must have different financial paths in mind and the latter purpose is going to yield you a steady yet added source of income. You can also earn a hefty return as profit if you know when to ideally sell off your property.

Acknowledge the added efforts of property investment

Property investment and management include a lot of tedious tasks and you must know every nook and corner about what you are going to enter into with these investments. It might at times appear that managing two jobs can be hectic. Finding and procuring a property can be a lot easier than managing it. It gets even tougher when federal bodies get involved with it or issues of rent are faced.

Focus on the location

This might seem cliché but the location is a key factor to drive your investment towards good and profitable success. A good location depends on a variety of subjective factors and these increase your resale value effectively. A property in a good location might not seem so affordable but it is definitely worth the price.

Turnkey real estates

Turnkey estates are the properties you need to focus on this year. They help the investors to get into the market quickly and enable you to not waste a lot of time on finding tenants. These properties are already available after an entire refurbishment and space will already be occupied by tenants. You will be saved from the added hassles.

The current economic cycle

The very wrong times for property purchase are during a high recession, inflation, and heavy unemployment. Rental demands decrease remarkably. The best phases are the recovery phases or during deflation where your incurred costs will be moderate and the demand will be in a steady phase.

Spend time in the area

Before the big investment in UK property, take out some time visiting it and its localities. You will be astounded to know the neighbourhood your future tenants would be residing in. You will be understanding about the strengths and the weaknesses of the place and can likewise change or modify your decision about the purchase there. You will also be able to connect better with the demand there.

Find a trustworthy team

This is the team that is going to help you to invest in UK properties from overseas; hence they being trustworthy and eligible is important to the highest level. They are the point of contact for you and they are the ones who are going to finalise your property, make the sale happen, and lend it to the tenant on your behalf. So without their contribution, property procurement will be difficult.

But alongside these, there are a few ideal steps to follow if you want to invest in UK property without any hassles. Keep below to know more:

Arranging the mortgage

The primary motive of an investor would be to arrange for a mortgage even before the property search is proceeded with. It is very well advised to have your finances handy with you and if possible you must opt for the mortgage that agrees in principle. This is going to assure you that you are having the necessary funds to move forward with your search of desired property within that budget. Your budget will also help you appoint a broker who would take things forward in a better way.

Registration of the interest

The property that you liked or the one that you have in your mind might also be on several other minds. So when you are taking things forward, make sure that you are booking the particular property interest with your estate broker on a face-to-face basis. This will not only help you take things forward from here but will also build your relationship with the broker for any further transactions.

The right one

Finding the right property is like getting a win at a lottery. But this isn’t very hard to achieve as your demands and requirements will be clearly understood by your broker who would be working on your behalf to get you the best. And, if all the criteria match, they will have you have a tour, a real or a virtual of the entire property to make you understand its features and characteristics.


You need to understand that with the UK being one of the best places to invest in property, the chances of you remaining in darkness also increases. You need to secure your deal as well as your property and hence you must view it thoroughly without it getting delayed. If you do not find a property deeming as per your requirements, be upfront and clear to your agent about it and modify your viewing schedules. You will be getting plenty of time to ask the questions and sort out the queries.

best places for uk property investment

Collaborating with solicitors

It is of no doubt about how important a role does a solicitor play in an entire property purchase cycle. You can rely only on efficient and experienced solicitors who can make your purchase a successful one. You must be communicating with your solicitor to know the area that your property is residing in and who is a specialiser in conveyancing.

Making the offer

The offer will be put forward to the seller by your agent only upon the finalisation from your end. This will be done both verbally and in written and all the conditions attached to the offer would be mentioned. You will be demonstrated the nitty-gritty of the transactions and the proposed contract will proceed towards signing.

Agreement to the offer

There has to be the consent of both the parties involved to make the sale a success. Once the offer is up for signing, there will be a memorandum of sale getting prepared. The agreed price will be listed upon it and the solicitor, as well as the broker’s information, will be fed into it.


The solicitor needs to proceed with this step where he normally raises any queries that pertain to the draft contract from the seller’s end. He then proceeds with his local searches and settles for a common date to exchange the contracts.

Surveys and mortgages

The property will be booked for surveys by a surveyor on behalf of you as an investor. Any relevant structural problems will be found out on that step and accordingly, the property’s value will be assessed. On receiving the report, a formal mortgage offer will be on its way and you alongside your solicitor need to sign it.

Contract exchanges

When all of the aspects are looked after and are cleared for, only then does the exchange of contracts take place. They are signed by both the parties and 10% of the purchase price gets paid through the draft or through telegraphs via the solicitors. This is then settled by mutual agreements.


This is the step of the property investment that involves the transaction of the rest of the 90% of the finances. This too happens through the investor solicitor to the seller solicitor. The seller is only going to let you possess the keys once the entire fund is transferred to the seller. Once this is done, you are the legal owner of the house.

The overseas property investment involves a lot many steps but that should not hinder you to find the best place to invest in property in the entire UK. Places like Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Devon, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Newcastle, Southampton, and Leicester are among the most sought-after places in the entire UK for you to set your eyes upon.

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